Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter #42

Dear family and friends,
First off, this is the last week of the transfer. Please hold mail until next week when I can tell you where I'll be (if I'm going anywhere), along with my new address.
That being said, I'm pretty sure Elder Barry and I will both be staying. Next transfer is only 4 weeks to catch back up with the MTC schedule for the new Haitian Creole missionaries that will be coming out. And, with Pauline's baptism coming up, we're both wanting to stay, since we taught her the whole way through. She came up to us yesterday when she got to church and asked us how we felt about swimming. Uh, what? We're not allowed to swim, and you know that :P Well, she had a dream the night before that her son was baptizing her in the Gulf and we were the witnesses standing there in the water. Which is totally allowed! And she woke up with the feeling that she just needed to go with it. So, looks like we're having an ocean baptism! We're pretty excited :)
This was another week of miracle finding. The members here are so awesome and are starting to providing us with some solid referrals! Yesterday morning, we got a call from a member just before walking out the door to go to church. He told us that he had a co-worker, Tori, coming to church because she was taking a world religions class and needed to experience a church other than her own and write a paper on it. Well, she was there when we got there. We were expecting her to just stay for sacrament meeting, and then answer any questions she had during Sunday school. Well, she loved the first hour so much that she wanted to check out what our Sunday school class was like. So she went to Gospel Principles with us. And she loved that so much that she wanted to stay for Relief Society. And when we met with her after church, she told us that she absolutely loved that too. We watched the Restoration video, since she had some questions about Joseph Smith and his role in everything. Between that and the 2nd and 3rd hour classes, all of her questions got answered. After the video we talked some with her about the Holy Ghost and she told us that she remembers feeling it as a child, but this was the first time in her adult life that she has ever felt it. And she's a church-going person. She then asked if she could come back next week for church and meet with us again afterwards. Um, yes!
And then, after church, a member from another ward had a friend in our area who wanted a blessing. So we went with him to go give this man a blessing. The Spirit was so strong, and both he and his wife recognized it. And then we spent like 45 min talking about a lot of different aspects of the gospel. We're going back tomorrow. They are SO beyond prepared, we're expecting them both to be baptized in like 3 weeks.
So, it's been a great week. We're working hard and seeing the Lord bless us and the people here every day.
Elder Petersen

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