Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter #6

Hello all!

I just don't even know what to say. It's been a really weird week this week. I think our companionship is finally starting to settle in and we're all getting used to working in a trio. A lot of appointments have been falling through. We'll meet people and ask if we can come back and teach them and they'll say yes. But when we come back they'll either not be home or tell us that it's not a good time and they don't know when it's ever a good time. It's been kind of frustrating because we were so busy with teaching for a couple weeks and now we don't seem to have nearly as much. We've been knocking a lot of doors, which is definitely not the preferred way to find people. But we're still trying to figure out how to work with the ward here. They love feeding us and will always fill up our dinner calendar. We even had a family take us to Sam's Club and buy us a ton of groceries this week! But they don't seem to want to give us any referrals for people that we could potentially teach, nor are they very willing to go to appointments with us. It just makes me more resolved to help the missionary effort more when I get home and am no longer a full-time missionary. I seriously would love to be a ward mission leader or ward missionary.

Priscilla is getting baptized this coming Sunday! She's doing really well and has lots of questions, which is good because that means she wants to learn and to do what's right the best way she knows how. She asked Elder Scott to baptize her, and asked me to confirm her. I'm way excited! Priscilla is so awesome and her faith builds me up every time we teach her!

I've been studying a lot about Christ's ministry and read today where he commissions the Twelve Apostles. I noticed how at first they are referred to as disciples. Then Christ gives them power to preach the gospel and act in His name. THEN they are referred to as apostles in the very next verse. It just made me think about how there is a real difference between the two and that to be called as an apostle is indeed very special and different than any other commission anyone can receive.

Elder Petersen

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