Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter #12

Well, another week over. And what a week it was! Monday night on our way to our last appointment of the day I got in a bike accident. We were riding down a hill really fast on the sidewalk and at the bottom was a drainage ditch. Well I didn't see the sidewalk go to the left and over the bridge and I went straight into the muddy ditch. I hit my head pretty good, but came out with just a scratch. And my bike came out just fine, which is such a blessing, because we didn't have the car this week. But I was just really sore and tired all week because of it.

This was kind of a rough week. I don't feel like we got anything done, and it seemed like the whole world was working against us. But yesterday was wonderful! Well, Edgar and Krystle got married on Saturday, and then Edgar got baptized Sunday after church. Both were wonderful events to go to. Edgar's dad came down from NY to baptize him, which was really neat to see. 

Sunday night was the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was SUCH a wonderful way to start off my Christmas season! If you didn't have a chance to watch it Sunday night, get on and watch it RIGHT NOW! Also, before we left, Elder Willard and I went knocking on some doors in our neighborhood while waiting for our ride. What an interesting experience that was. One old lady told us that she was a practicing, active Christian and was not interested in hearing a message about Jesus Christ. It's a common response here, and it will never cease to baffle me. We also knocked on a door where an old man yelled through the door without opening it that it was Sunday evening and there was no soliciting. Have a good evening, sir. But, we were definitely there in that neighborhood for a reason because we met Darcy and Ron, an older couple (it must have been a retirement apartment complex?) who's door was open and invited us right in before we even started talking. We gave them a Joy to the World DVD, which is a movie about the birth of Christ. Darcy was reading her Bible so we talked just briefly about it. And then we knelt and offered a blessing on the home. They told us we don't need to come back because they already feel so blessed, but were willing to let us come back and teach them anyway. I have a feeling that, either with them or someone we already know, or with someone we will meet this week, something big and awesome is going to happen! We have set a goal as a mission for each companionship to have one baptism and confirmation in the month of December as a gift to our Savior in celebration of His birth. And it's going to happen! I just started reading in 2 Nephi in the chapters that are quoted from Isaiah. Everything that he prophesied has or is happening, or will shortly happen! Like Nephi said, one of the easiest ways to understand Isaiah is to live in the time of the fulfillment. And WOW! The last days are here and the Lord is gathering his people Israel! And what a blessing it is to be a part of such a work!

So, quick funny story for the week. I almost got yelled at by some ladies, one of which was the Relief Society president, in the ward because of my ignorance towards Southern ways. Apparently, mashed potatoes and gravy don't go with smoked turkey? But cheesy potatoes do? Not that I don't love cheesy potatoes, but still. How can anyone say no to mashed potatoes and gravy? They go with everything! Anyway, apparently it made all the sense in the world to them when one asked where I was born and I said Missouri. "Ah, the show-me state!" "Yup! And I LOVE it!" Geez haha!

Alright. Have a wonderful week everyone! Thank you for the love, letters, and prayers.

Elder Petersen

Aftermath of my bike accident


 Yes, Elder Willard wore brown cowboy boots with his black suit to Edgar and Krystle's wedding

 Elder Whaley, Elder Langi, Elder Willard, and me after the wedding

 I left my camera sitting around and Elder Langi found it. :)

 The missionaries with the new couple and their friend/neighbor Colleen, who we are also teaching.

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