Monday, May 6, 2013

Letter #29

Dear family and friends,

Another great week in Venice! Quick weather report. It's been sunny or partly cloudy most days, with a cool breeze (rarely over 80F) coming in off the Gulf. If it rains, it pours, but not for long, and we haven't had to bike in it...yet :P Very glad I'm here, as tolerable weather makes the work go smoother.

This transfer is already half way over. Crazy! Time is flying by! Days feel like weeks; weeks feel like days. We met with Angela twice this week. She can understand why we believe what we believe, and it makes sense to her. Except, since she's a VERY active Catholic, she has a hard time with the Apostasy. She is a SAHM and babysits another little boy, so she can't seem to find the time to read the Book of Mormon. Although she admits that she knows it's important if she's going to ever know if what we teach is true.

We have had a few great successes with some less-active members in the ward. We stopped by one brother's house this week. He told us that he hasn't been in a really long time, and since he lives with his parents, who are also not active, it makes it harder. But he told us he would definitely be at church on Sunday. And he was! And so many people went up to him and told them how glad they were to see him there.

We also were asked to go visit a part-member couple, which we did on Saturday. She is a member and is usually very active, but she is allergic to perfumes, and since most of this ward is old people, going to church and being around all the the old lady perfumes and old man colognes make her sick. Her husband is not a member but has had the missionary lessons several times while their grandkids were being taught. Anyways, they were very glad that we stopped by and we made a return appointment to have dinner and let us teach them the lessons.

I'm really excited for this coming week. We're starting to figure out which tactics work here and which ones don't. It's definitely not like any other place that either Elder Leavitt or I have served before. And since we were both new together to the area, it's taken time to figure this place out. We've really relied on the guidance of the Spirit to help us figure things out. People always comment on how missionaries always seem to figure locations and areas out in a matter of days and weeks, while they can live there for a few years and never get it. It's definitely the Spirit, as it helps us in our calling to spread the Gospel to all that will receive us, regardless of where they live.

Have a wonderful week everyone.
Elder Petersen

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