Monday, May 13, 2013

Letter #30

Dear family and friends,
This past week was a really hard week. We saw a lot of people, made a lot of phone calls, and did everything we knew how to find people that we could teach. And so far, we have no one new to add to our teaching pool. We did have a small miracle yesterday, though. We visited the High Priest group leader and his wife after church. We were able to leave the Savior's peace and blessing on the home, which hadn't been done with them before. And we got a referral from them, and they were very excited to tell us about this friend of theirs! We're starting to actually see excitement from ward members, and that is the absolute key to this work taking off. This transfer is almost over already, only a couple weeks left. It's the fastest transfer I've had so far. And it's weird, because it doesn't feel like a lot has happened so it seems like the time should be passing really slow.
I've been sick the past few days, so that's also been hard on us. I woke up Friday morning with a temperature of 101.2, a spliting headache, and feeling achey all over. I went ahead and ate breakfast and got ready for the day. I was bound and determined to have an awesome day and find someone to teach! But my body just couldn't do it, and we had to spend the day inside so I could rest and try to get better. My fever didn't go away till the next day, but then it came back later in the afternoon. I'm two days with no fever now, but I'm still completely out of energy and have no appetite. So that's my story for the week. Not very fun or entertaining, but that's what's been going on in my life.
On Wednesday we had a zone meeting. The training was about the story of the rich young ruler in Mark 10, who was instructed by Christ to sell all his earthly possessions and give to the poor. We talked about things that the Lord asks us to give up as missionaries, things that aren't bad, but that are keeping us from focusing all our attention on the Lord's work. And they aren't always things that we spend our time doing, but things we spend our time thinking about. It was a great time to reflect on what I spend my time doing and thinking about, and if it's all in line with my sacred calling.
This upcoming weekend is stake conference, and we will be having 2 general authorities in attendance. One of them is Elder Cardon, who came and spoke to the mission right before I came out, so all the missionaries older than me are pretty excited. And we also have Zone Conference this Wednesday. It's going to be a very week, full of the Spirit and many miracles, both large and small. Hope everyone else's week goes well for them!
Elder Petersen

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