Monday, July 29, 2013

Letter #40

Dear family and friends,

What a great week here in Venice! It hasn't rained here in a couple weeks... weird...wishing it would since the rain helps it to cool down some. But it's also nice that we have the car with a/c and we've been busy with appointments to it's not like we've spent much time outside anyways.

Pauline is still progressing well. Honestly, I've never seen anyone so excited and hungry for knowledge before. It's awesome! They were getting rid of old teaching manuals and Teachings of the Presidents of the Church books yesterday after church. She got a copy of ever single one of them. And old priesthood manuals, and old relief society manuals. And she was SO excited! She was showing them off to us, telling us about how excited she is to start reading all of them. WOW! It was cool. Her son gets home in 5 weeks, so she's really looking forward to him being home so she can get baptized already.

Last week was one of tender mercies. This one was a week of miracles! We got 6 new investigators, all member-referrals. And 3 of them are a family, mom, son, and daughter. They've investigated before a few years ago, but they started to show interest again, and they've been really good friends with some people in the ward this whole time. The kids both have been coming to wednesday night activities for a couple years too. So, we're excited!

There's a lady in the ward who teaches musical theater and is a choreographer, so she works with high school kids all the time. And, naturally, the kids know what church she goes to and they also really like the Book of Mormon musical. So missionaries are kind of like celebrities to them. Well, a couple of them came to church with her yesterday, mostly just to meet us and say they've met elders. But they ended up staying the whole time and really enjoyed it. They recognized something different about it that they like and we're going to see them again later this week to start teaching them.

And then we got a referral from This teenage girl just moved here to Venice from MS. She's already been taught everything and is pretty much ready to be baptized. Only thing is that she's waiting until she moves back to MS next summer to get baptized. But she's still going to come to church and meet with us every week so we can help her with her Book of Mormon reading.

Well, I think that's about it for everything that's going on here in Venice. Oh, one more exciting, cool thing. We get to go to a Tampa Rays game this Saturday! We heard from the mission office a couple weeks ago encouraging us to make plans to go to the game. I guess some missionaries got asked to sing the national anthem so members and missionaries from the whole mission are going to be there. It'll be a lot of fun, we're all pretty excited.

Alrighty, that concludes this week's edition of Mission Weekly. Have a great week!
Elder Petersen

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