Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Letter #68

Hey everyone,

Sometimes, it's really hard being a missionary. I have yet to have
mashed potatoes thrown at me, but it is a hard thing to be called upon
to experience the painful part of discipleship: watching the world
ignore and reject the very things that would bring peace and solace
their lives. I watched again this week Elder Richard J. Maynes's talk
from April 2011, "Establishing a Christ-Centered Home." What a
wonderful address! In there he quotes a poem that talks about the lost
sheep, and how we call for them to come back because they often lead
the lambs astray. As I finished the Book of Mormon the past few days,
I can't help but reflect on what Mormon and Moroni must have felt as
they watched the destruction of their people and how hard they tried
to get them to repent and return to the Lord. But, as we were reminded
by Elder Andersen, the world will not glide calmly to the Second
Coming. But as we center our lives on Christ and make Him our sure
foundation we will have no reason to fear. The scriptures are a
tremendous source of strength.

Hope you all have a great week! Love ya!
Elder Petersen

P.S. Please share the story of Easter!

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