Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Letter #69

Hey everyone!

Well, I almost didn't write this week because it didn't feel like a week worth writing about. It was definitely a good week! But nothing really that special or exciting happened. It's just life as a missionary :) Which I feel like is boring to people who aren't missionaries haha

So we started teaching Caitlyn a couple weeks ago. She is dating a kid in the ward, Joseph. It's been a neat experience. Joseph wasn't really sure about a mission before, but since we started teaching he is wanting to go really bad, and Caitlyn is even encouraging him to go as well.

We taught a lady yesterday, who, well, isn't interested. Like at all. It's always hard when you teach people about the Restoration and then invite them to pray about if it's true. And they respond with something to the effect of "I have enough, I don't need anymore, I don't even want anymore, and so there is no way I'm going to ask God if there is more out there for me."

But we keep going, knowing that there is SOMEONE out there who knows there has to be more out there for them and that they want it. We aren't looking to convert everyone, as wonderful as that would be. We are just looking for those who are honestly seeking after truth. And if we are attentive to the Spirit, God will put them in our paths. And what a wonderful blessing that is!

Elder Petersen

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