Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Letter #72

Hey everyone!

Pretty good week. Stressful at times. Especially when you break a
spoke on your bike! But it's all good :) It's also starting to get
really hot and humid. I'm starting to get myself ready for the drier
air haha.

So way cool! We started teaching a new guy named Bobby. His school
mate and good friend, Octavius, just got baptized. Bobby was at the
baptism and wanted to learn more. He is taking it pretty seriously and
is pretty spiritual. Very aware of the Spirit in his life. He really
likes what we have taught him so far and is liking the Book of Mormon.
We will try to get him to church this coming week.

We also started teaching a man named Drew. He was online one day and
found the Church. He said that was he studied about it made sense to
him and was in line with everything else he already believed. He just
showed up to church last Sunday. Unfortunately it was the Temple
Dedication so we couldn't let him in, but we set up a time to see him
again and give him a tour of the building. We have taught him twice
already. He is also enjoying the Book of Mormon along with everything
we have talked about so far.

Overall, everything is going really well! The Lord is definitely
blessing us and the people here. We are seeing hearts and homes open
that no one ever would have thought. It is a wonderful thing to be a
part of the Lord's work!
Elder Petersen

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