Monday, May 19, 2014

Letter #73

Hey everyone!

It's been a great week! We've taught more this week than we ever have! It's been awesome. Miracles are happening all over the place!

So, coming up this weekend, Caitlin will be baptized! She has been wanting this for a long time and is looking forward to Youth Conference and Girls' Camp this summer.

Mike and Nami decided to wait a couple of more weeks to get baptized, but they are doing awesome. We are actually really proud of them for making this decision because they decided that they needed more time to get in the routine of coming to church every week before getting baptized. Even though it would mean that Elder Vanderpool won't be there for it, which they will be sad about. Elder Vanderpool goes home next week.

All I know is that things are amazing! I've been having such a great time, learning so much, and doing it all while bringing people into the gospel. Which is the best thing ever! I'm not sure if I'm aware of anything more satisfying than being in the service of the Lord and bringing souls to Him. And as I meet all these wonderful people and get to know and love them, I come to understand what President Uchtdorf meant when he said that there are no true endings in the gospel, only everlasting beginnings.

Love you all, have a great week!
Elder Petersen

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