Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter #25

Dear family and friends,

Yes, I know I didn't write last week. The previous week wasn't bad, it was just really mediocre and didn't seem worth writing about. But.

General Conference was amazing! As always. I was really impressed by the follow-up from the announcement last conference for the name change, and how so many speakers talked about the important of member missionary work. I also really enjoyed the emphasis that so many placed on the importance of family roles and relationships. My testimony of the sealing power and eternal families has definitely been strengthened by what was taught in this conference.

This past week went pretty slow. We stopped by Colleen's place the other night just to say hi, and we caught her getting ready to go somewhere. She seemed happy to see us and told us to give her a call this week to come over and see her and the kids. It was totally not the response we were expecting, but we're excited and hope to be able to start teaching her again. We weren't able to see Laurie at all, and she's still struggling with some things so she's not going to be able to get baptized this coming Sunday like we had planned. Ernie is doing well, but won't be able to get baptized until June at the earliest, is what it's looking like. But we've kept reading the Book of Mormon with him, and he really enjoys that.

And now for the biggest most wonderful awesomest news ever. 
We were over visiting with her and Edgard the other night, and we were talking about how answers come in different ways sometimes. She has always struggled finding her answer as to if this is the path that she needs to take. Then she made the comment that no matter how rough her week has been or how terrible her morning has been and how much she doesn't want to go to church, she always feels so much better when she just goes. And then she paused for a few seconds and said, "I guess that's the answer I've been looking for." And then she looked at me and said, "So I guess we can go ahead and schedule a baptism." I don't ever remember having a smile so big on my face before :D She pulled out her calendar and has decided that she wants to get baptized on the 21st of this month. SO ridiculously excited!

So, on a more personal note, thank you all who have been sending me packages. It's always great to get mail and packages. But I'm going to request that you cut back on the candy and chocolate. We seriously have enough to last us until next Easter, and this is including what we had left over from Christmas. Also, since mail comes in the middle of the day, packages are usually sitting out on the front porch during the hottest part of the day, and if there is chocolate contained therein, it's no good by the time we get home that night and take it inside. And that's just depressing.

Things are going good here. Transfers are this upcoming week so we'll see what happens with that. I'm so glad to be a part of this work though, and know that wherever I get sent, it's because the Lord needs me there.

Have a great week!
Elder Petersen

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