Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter #27 (Venice)

Dear family and friends,

I'm going to have to keep it pretty short this week. Here in Venice, we email at the public library, so I have very limited computer time.

Venice is a quaint little town full of rich old people who don't want to hear about Jesus. But, a few miles east, and still in our area, is a little town called North Port. A lot of young families live there and already a lot is happening for us out there. The ward here is small, but really great. They have a few members that are really focused on missionary work. Everyone in the ward WANTS to do missionary work, but so few of them feel confident in doing it. So, along with the sister missionaries that we share the ward with, we will be working really hard to strengthen the already active members and their testimonies.

Elder Leavitt and I are getting along really well. He's a SUPER hard worker and wears me out! But we're getting a lot done, and it's always a good tired at the end of the day :)

We're teaching a girl named Angela. She's young, in her 20s, married (he's not interested in the gospel), and has two little girls. She's a VERY active Catholic, but wants to learn more about the Church. We had a really good lesson with her on the Book of Mormon. We've only met with her once, but I'm sure some more exciting stuff will happen with her. I'll keep you updated as the weeks go on. There is a lot of work to do with the less-active members of the ward here, so that, along with strengthening the active members, is probably going to be our biggest focus.

I'm really excited to be here in Venice. The weather is awesome, although really humid, but getting used to it. And good food too :)

Love you all, my time is up :P

Elder Petersen

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