Thursday, July 24, 2014

Letter #79

Hey everyone!

Wow it's been an amazing week! Bobby went to EFY this week, which got
him even more pumped for his baptism next month. He's such an awesome
kid! Really, really glad I get to teach him.

So, you remember reading all those amazing articles in the Ensign
about people meeting the missionaries and getting baptized two weeks
later? And then thinking to yourself, "Wow, wouldn't it be amazing to
be a part of something like that?" Well, I might get the chance.
Sister Frayer and been coming to church and has been very active for
nearly 10 years now. Brother Frayer is not a member and wouldn't do
more than come to an occasional ward holiday dinner activity. Well, he
has, of his own volition, come to church the past two weeks and stayed
all three hours. He has enjoyed the Gospel Principles class so much
that he has already read the whole book and has been studying the
other scriptures. Yesterday, he asked Brother Veasey how he could get
someone over to his house during the week to teach him. Unbeknownst to
him, Brother Veasey is the ward mission leader, so he knew how to
answer that question :) We have an appointment with him tomorrow
morning. When setting up the appointment with him, he mentioned that
he wants someone to come have a discussion with him to make sure he
understands all the basic doctrine of the Church. Well, that just so
happens to be what we do. We haven't had a chance to talk with him yet
about baptism, but I feel confident that it is not at all very far
down the road. I have been so excited about this opportunity that it
makes me so giddy I can't sleep at night :D I feel the distinct
impression that Brother Frayer was someone the Lord was preparing for
me specifically to meet, teach the gospel to, and bring into His

And so it carries on! Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Petersen

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